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Expert Witness Services

We are a multifaceted safety-consulting firm with more 3 decades of construction expertise, which is why we have the capability to help you navigate the litigation process. Our areas of expertise include consultations, providing assistance in mediation and arbitration, and providing expert deposition and trial testimony.

Scope of Service:

  • Construction Personal Injury
  • Safety Administration
  • Standard of Care
  • OSHA Compliance and Regulations
  • OSHA Citation Representation
  • Liability
  • Safety Codes and Standards
  • Accident Investigation
  • Pre-Trial Analysis

Areas of Expertise:

Meet Our Founder

Sam Iler, lead expert witness and the founder and principal of SafeCon, has more than 35 years of industry experience. To provide a credible, definitive, and demonstrable account of the technical information required to achieve the resolution of a dispute, Mr. Iler makes use of his decades of knowledge in construction and job site safety.

We understand how complex construction claims can be, requiring a unique combination of job site experience, engineering knowledge, analytical capabilities, and proficient communication techniques. This is why Mr. Iler, along with our team of expert witnesses, performs in-depth examinations of each situation to gain a clear understanding of every aspect involved in the case.

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We have three offices nationwide (Western, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern regions) to better serve you.